Cricket is not just a food:)

Opinions and points of views persons who actively play sports are for us extremely important.
Here is the interview with @Phil, who everyday trains cricket with Bletchley Town Cricket Club. He've played cricket for 19 years, and been training seriously for it for the last 14.  He swims in addition to cricket training as it is low impact on the joints.
Phil, what fascinates you in cricket?
Cricket fascinates me because it is both a team sport and very individualistic.  It is a bowler vs a batsman, but the bowler is supported by 10 team mates.  It relies on the 2 opposite players executing a set of skills in isolation, but is also impacted heavily by strategy and by the emotion of the players on the field.  Confidence plays a large role and that can change throughout the game.
What was your hardest ever training?
My hardest ever training was a quite short batting session, but a lot of physical and mental pressure was being applied.  After every hit of the balls, I had to run 50m and then with no rest face the next ball.  Very quickly technique begins to fail and the coach was applying pressure to use correct technique, but also tiring me out too!
Tell us 3 tips that in your opinion are the most important principles that ensure success and sporting achievements?
Sporting achievement is most dependent on: 
1) Preparation (Practice/Technique/Physical Health), 
2) Mental Toughness 
3) Enjoyment
What is your daily diet?
Daily diet: Nut/Oat bars / Sandwich / Chicken / Pasta / Fruit / Tuna / Broccoli - Some combination of those things during the day
What do you think about the use of insects as a source of protein?
Insects as a source of protein is logically extremely good idea, and illogically sounds disgusting.
So for you all - think and live logically or illogically? That's is a question?;)