April 6, 2016

Our mission


We manufacture products made from edible insects – crickets. We would like to break barriers and convince people to eat crickets. All of our goods are of high nutritional value. We care about a healthy lifestyle, that’s why our products are rich in natural ingredients such as dried fruits, oats, almonds, and flour, with crickets. Bars, shake, capsules contain a huge amount of protein, iron, calcium and zinc. We would like to stimulate eating insects worldwide because breeding crickets has a positive influence on our climate and environment. Summing up, our products are not only healthy and good for the climate, but are tasty and rich in high nutritional value as well. Let’s  #Crickeat.

This is Jack, Martin, Anne, Michael and the rest of team at RONZO – health lovers on a mission to bring a nutritious and sustainable source of protein to your life. RONZO is a collaboration of people from USA, UK, Poland and Switzerland. We have created RONZO in the second quarter of 2015, and initially specialized in the sale and production of high-quality protein bars containing cricket flour. After a year of sales that exceeded our expectation, we realized there was a great demand of cricket products from people who recognized their nutritional value. Thus, we have developed the perfect product - cricket flour capsules that can be taken daily and on the go.

Our research team is an ambitious and well-educated wolf pack whose goal is to constantly improve and perfect our products. Mario, Monique, Anne, Caroline, and Patricia, are the young scientists responsible for our recipes. They are headed on projects by experts such as Jozwiak Ph.D. and Kowalczyk Ph.D.